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Besides the fact that we care and provide quality and affordable meals for the general public online, we do so cheerfully and also with our employees and general staff all bubbling and happy, working to achieve a common goal.

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Since we started Herdibles we have been continuously transforming the way people order food online. In essence, visiting our platform is the easiest way to your favorite food. Choice, convenience, reliability, and quality are the key benefits for our customers. You can easily browse menus to find your favorite dish.

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Herdibles as a company has divisions which span Operations, engineering and managemen


Orders and payments can conveniently be placed online and meals are peer-reviewed, making it easier to choose the best meal every time. With just a few clicks delicious food is on its way!

Herdibles and its headquarters are located in Lagos, boasting over 10 employees in HQ alone. Diversity is a key pillar for our success. Employees with different tribes across Nigeria work for us, enabling us to exchange best practice from markets from each corner of the country.